About Rhino

Rhino is a filming accessory company located out of Puyallup, WA and produces a range of stabilizing and camera movement devices. Their core market is motorized camera sliders which enable a range of sliding, panning, and push/pull shots that add more depth, character, and motion to a piece of film.

What I did

I was a mechanical engineering intern for Rhino for 5 months and assisted them on the design and manufacturing process for their ROV consumer unit. The device features a carriage located in the center of an aluminum extrusion with a small (but very strong) motor that smoothly moved your phone or camera giving a cinematic flare to your videos. I assisted the Rhino team in addressing mechanical issues and provided design insight on the carriage tensioning system and the end cap molded plastic parts. I also worked with their industrial designer when interfacing with their contracted manufacturer to address assembly issues and cost down directions. Learn more about ROV here.

ROV Promo Video

Behind the Scenes