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Facture - Lean Product Development

As much of this work is ongoing/in development I cannot post specific project details. As projects are completed, more context will be added.

I am currently a mechanical engineer at Facture where, as part of a varied team of engineers and designers, I assist our clients to design, develop, and prototype their devices. I have taken on roles as the primary mechanical engineer for several projects, and as project manager for mechanical, electrical, firmware and industrial design teams.


Rhino Camera Gear

Order ROV

I worked with Rhino Camera Gear, a local company that makes consumer and professional camera gear and sliders, to help bring their new consumer product, ROV, to market. ROV is a small camera slider featuring small, lightweight design to allow for easy packing and traveling. I joined their team provide mechanical design insight to the existing team for troubleshooting final design issues, in addition to providing the bandwidth for the design for manufacturing (DFM) effort to bring the product to market. I worked closely with their contract manufacturing partners, Far East Sourcing (FES) to adjust parts based on their input to reduce bill of materials (BOM) costs and improve ease of assembly of the ROV unit.

Image curtesy of Rhino Camera Gear


Tactile Inc

I was brought on to assist Tactile with constructing three looks like/works like prototype that consisted of machined wood and metal parts, sensitive optical electronics, and bent tubing. I worked closely with the team’s resident mechanical engineer to send out RFQs, order custom components, and make sure that all necessary parts arrived on time. I was also responsible for careful assembly and packaging of the prototypes in a timely fashion for delivery to Tactile’s client. I also performed extensive research into volume manufacturing methods to help inform the Tactile engineering team for a pitch they presented to a large client they were pitching.