My Skills


Process - How I work

Truth be told, this process isn’t original. Look at any web page with the words product development and you will probably see some version of these words. But while they might not be original, they are the truth. I have worked on projects worth hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands, and this process is the same for those and everything in between. Coming up with an idea, finding a way to test it that won’t break the bank, gathering your data, and most importantly, using that data to inform your decisions is the key to moving the needle on a project. You need all four of those steps to be effective and it is how I approach product design.



Hard Skills - Doing the work

CAD, DFM, tolerance analysis, and all the other “engineery” things are important. They are the foundation on which good engineering can built. I have run my fair share of FEA simulations, filled out dozens of BOMs, and produced more drawings than I can count. But like knowing how to use a spreadsheet or a set of calipers, these skills are par for the course and while not unique are the foundation I strive to build good engineering work off of. This is the work that I love and always looking for new projects where I can grow and hone these skills further.


Soft Skills - Working Together

Cohesive teams are the key to reaching success in any field. I have been fortunate enough to work with a wide range of teammates such as industrial designers, electrical/firmware engineers, and project managers at various points during the product development cycle. This has allowed me to learn how a group of people work and how to create a positive environment that enables us to succeed as a team. When I am part of a team I do everything in my power to set my teammates up for victory because success as a team is a tide that lifts all boats.