CAD has become the bread and butter of most engineering professions and proficiency is required to be productive. I have experience with both Solidworks and Fusion 360 (which is the CAD I use for my current position) and am eager to broaden my software horizons. I am fluent in using CAD tools and pick them up quickly, widening my experience has been limited due to the cost prohibitive nature of the software.

Mechanical Part Design

Through my experiences at Facture and my time at Rhino Camera Gear, I have had the change to design parts that span across a wide spectrum of materials and processes. I have designed quite a few injection molded parts, produced drawing packages, and have worked with manufactures to massage part design to rein in lead times. I have designed a handful of sheet metal and formed parts as well as dozens of parts that were machined. In addition to manufacturing parts I have also had to design systems that included seals and ultrasonic welds, as well as devices that contained multiple circuit boards and battery cells.


My passion for prototyping began when I was still in high school building 3D printers in the early days of the consumer technology. Since then I helped found and run the makerspace located at UW Bothell (with an arsenal of tools worth well over $100,00) and assist my clients with building prototypes of their own. I am very comfortable with various forms of addictive manufacturing, can use CAM software and operate basic CNC devices, have done a fair amount of casting (both foams and rubber) and have assembled fragile pre-production prototypes worth tens of thousands of dollars. I am always excited to learn new techniques and love bringing virtual designs into the real world.

Electronics & Coding

One area that I have extend experience with is in coding and electrical design. I have completed a significant amount of mechatronics work for a client where we were designing several autonomous and semi-autonomous devices to assist in the assembly of a pilot production of devices. While this does not make me an expert by any means, it does allow me to work with and coordinate software and electrical teams in ways that other mechanical engineers are not able to. I can speak the same language and come to conclusions and solutions faster since nothing is lost in translation. This is crucial when working as part of an interdisciplinary team on a compressed timeline when miscommunications can cause costly delays.