Battery Technology

One of our primary clients recently is working on a new battery technology for which we are doing process development as well as mechanical engineering on their consumers facing unit. I engineered multiple rounds of case architecture (including the one below) working closely with our industrial designer as the client’s business model and market changed. In addition to the case design I was the primary engineer responsible for designing their cell architecture with feedback from their on staff chemists. They also required several automated rigs to expedite cell assembly to increase the number of cells they could test and I was tasked with delivering those devices. The device below was one of the intermediate case designs that was later adjusted to fit their changing market strategy. This device was fully functionally and contained the client’s new battery technology as well as a small PCBA, located in the lower end of the device near the smoked black plastic.


Electro-Mechanical Assemblies

I have led the design effort and several electro-mechanical assemblies of varying complexity. Some featured a hand full of plastic parts with a single small PCB, and other featured dozens custom plastic parts with large battery packs and multiple high power PCBs. The exploded conical/cylindrical item below, for which I was the lead engineer, contained three PCBs with a mild level of ingress protection while still being serviceable so a technician could replace the battery pack with minimal tear down.

Miscellaneous Projects

Like any consultancy we get a range of projects that extend out of the consumer electronics world. I have worked on pet accessories, novel new keyboard input methods, lock picks, bike accessories and all at different stages of the product development process. Some I have seen to completion, others were just proof of concepts or exploratory projects that were designed to validate a design idea. These projects have given me the opportunity to work on a range of products with a range of design considerations and constraints.


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