About Facture

As much of this work is ongoing/in development I cannot post specific project details. As projects are completed, more context will be added.

I am currently a mechanical engineer at Facture where, as part of a varied team of engineers and designers, I assist our clients to design, develop, and prototype their devices. I have taken on roles as the primary mechanical engineer for several projects, and as project manager for mechanical, electrical, firmware and industrial design teams. Learn more about Facture here.


Headless Cruiser

I assisted in the development and testing of the Headless Cruiser, an electrified penny board that allows for a “cruise control” of sorts. There is no remote, only a single button that turns the board on after the rider has given the board a push allowing the user to maintain there speed and have a “frictionless” ride. I assisted with the overall board design and power transmission system.

Electro-Mechanical Assemblies

I have led the design effort and several electro-mechanical assemblies of varying complexity. Some featured a hand full of plastic parts with a single small PCB, and other featured dozens custom plastic parts with large battery packs and multiple high power PCBs. The exploded conical/cylindrical item below, for which I was the lead engineer, contained three PCBs with a mild level of ingress protection while still being serviceable so a technician could replace the battery pack with minimal tear down.